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Thursday, September 17, 2009


My husband has been playing lots of golf this summer and now has the whole family a little interested in it. A couple Sundays ago when "MOM" is trying to get everyone to help clean the house, the "boys" had a different idea. These are the faces they give me to get what they want. Who can resist???So, Jantz found the perfect ball for me! :)
This is Canyon hitting balls out behind our house.
Not golf related, but we went to a skating birthday party couple nights ago and Jayla thinks she Miss Roller Skating Princess now. I think you can tell by her expression she was surprised she was still hanging on.

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Banner said...

Whoohoo! Look at Jayla go!!! I could never do that...even at her age:) Thos pics of Canyon and Jantz are tooo much....I see why you couldn't say "No"!